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6850 fan control

In a recent build, I installed a Powercoler AMD Radeon HD 6850 and its corresponding catalyst driver. Will the driver automatically regulate fan speed or do I need third party software?

I ask because no game has made the fan speed increase (audibly) so far. Or are AMD cards typically so quiet?
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  1. The BIOS on the card will automatically control the fan speed based on the temperature of the card; there is a thermometer on the die.

    Using software like Afterburner, or Sapphire Trixx you can manually control the fan speed but this is not necessary unless you're over clocking or find that your GPU is running really hot.
  2. That's a relief to hear. Shame on me for building two computers and still not knowing this. This must also be true of Nvidia cards?
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    Yes, all GPUs will automatically adjust their fan based on temperature UNLESS you use third party software to prevent this (ie. Afterburner, or Trixx)
  4. Catalyst Control Center does show you things like core clock, memory clock and fan speed. You can use CCC to manually adjust all of these if you would like to overclock your card or simply increase the fan speed. I prefer using MSI afterburner for overclocking and hardware monitoring.

    This is basically what you get with afterburner. You can click on settings and choose what you want to monitor in the right hand window.

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