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I am still very new to Hydravision and thus, I am unfamiliar to the features in which it offers(Multi Desktop especially). I was interested in the functionality of multiple desktops (that which is similar to Mac's "Spaces" application) and have tried getting it before but failed to get it to work. I just recently got back on it, got it to work (sort of) and need help on figuring something out. The switching to different desktops works fine and all, but I find it to be an inconvenience to have to go all the way down to my task bar, and clicking on the little blue icon for multi desktops to change to a different desktop. I am aware of the "Click (middle) Mouse Button to switch desktop" thing, but that doesn't seem to work for me. When clicking the middle mouse button on a web page, it gives you the "dual arrow scroll"-thingy, and holding it down does absolutely nothing. I was wondering if there was any other shortcuts to switching desktops, or if there was a way to edit the shortcut buttons/keys for switching desktops. I did NOT get the "full" hydravision package just so you know, so there is no way to simply right click on the taskbar icon to edit the shortcuts. I got it off the miscellaneous items when updating my graphics drivers. So I'm currently on the 12.4 Catalyst Center Drivers, with the Hydravision package as extra off the "Optional" Tab of amd's website.
So again, what are the shortcuts(thats not the middle mouse button) to switching desktops and is there any way to change these shortcut keys/buttons on this version of multi desktop?
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  1. If you have a mouse that has a assignment screen you can set a mouse button to do different tasks or macros. For example I have a Razer Imperator that has 7 programable buttons and each on can be programed to do any function , minimize , maxamize, back ,forward, double click and various keys or aas in a macro a series of key strokes.
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