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So a few days ago I ordered a new 'XFX Radeon HD 6950 2GB' graphics card. I got It today and plugged it in, and as you can tell by me posing here, It didn't work. The fans on the card worked fine, the lights turned on, and everything seemed fine, but there was no signal to the monitor. I was a little disgruntled, but I tried my old card that I had just replaced (Sapphire Radeon HD 5770) and for some reason, It too didnt work... I did some online searching and found out that maybe I had turned my integrated graphics on, But I hadn't (or atleast I dont think I have, because there wasn't any signal either). I have checked that both cards were plugged in correctly, I have used different monitor cords, even different monitors, and still nothing.

Any help would be fantastic! thanks!
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  1. Did you uninstall the drivers before replacing the cards? Also, does the onboard graphics work if you have any?
  2. I didn't know to uninstall, so no. And My on board hasn't worked for me. But even if I hadn't uninstalled, wouldn't my old card work?
  3. what the size and brand of your power supply. hopfully one lef (12v rail) did not die on you. have you tried removing the video cards and clearning the cmos?? if nothing happens when you clear the cmos try taking the ram out and see if the mb beeps at you (cmos beep code failure). if there led or a mb health status see if any of the led are red or not green.
  4. Are you getting any beeps at startup and is the BIOS boot screen displayed on your monitor? If yes then you probably have a problem with your windows drivers. If not then you may have a hardware problem.
    Please post your complete system specs so we can get a better idea of whats happening.
  5. No beeps. And nothing is being displayed on the monitor.

    Complete specs:
    PSU: Antec 'truepower' 550w
    New Gpu: Radeon HD 6950
    Old gpu: Radeon HD 5770
    CPU: AMD Phenom x4 3.4GHz
    6 G ddrII RAM
    Motherboard: ASUS m3a78-EM

    If you need any other specs please tell me.
  6. Before you replace a graphics card, what you want to do is go into the "programs and features" and uninstall the AMD drivers for the graphics card.

    Either way though, it shouldnt be that much of an issue, since I've done it without uninstalling drivers. I would wait to see if anyone else here has a suggestion, but I would re-install the CMOS battery (the watch battery) by just popping it out and back in, and seeing what happens
  7. Popped that battery in and out and still nothing.
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