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Download old style free cell

Last response: in Windows 7
January 29, 2012 7:41:24 PM

Can i download free cell that use to work on my old pc with xp and play it on my new pc running Win 7? I now longer have the old pc with xp.

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a b $ Windows 7
January 29, 2012 8:16:51 PM

Hate to tell you this but Win 7 HAS Free Cell and a number of other games. They are turned off by default but you can turn them on like THIS.
October 26, 2012 6:12:25 PM

I'd also like to download the old version of Freecell.

Pet Peeve announcement: you did not answer his/her question. Telling a person that there is a version of Freecell in Windows 7 does not at all address the request for the old version. I hate it when people don't pay enough attention to the question to acknowledge what is being asked, and just go off on whatever topic they want to. That is so like a politician, and I'm so sick of them!

I'll now take the time to tell you more than you needed to know in order to tell me where one can get the old Freecell.

In Windows 7, the Freecell is crap. It's got great graphics, but:
*it's harder to play because the mouse moves have to be much more precise.
*this version abandons a basic rule, which is that play has to represent real card moves. That is, if two spaces are open, you can only shuffle around the positions of three cards. In the new one, I've shuffled around six cards when the actual card game would only allow three. It's no longer the same game.
*the old version's border flashes if you've reached a condition where there is only one move to be made and that move doesn't accomplish anything, for instance the only thing you can do is move a 7 from one 8 to another 8. The new one does not flash.
*if you decide to quit a game, a screen pops up where you have to mouse over the choices of going back to the game, starting the same game over, or starting a new game. The old game does not make you do this extra step -- the choice to stop playing has those three choices inherent in it, not in a new window that you have to mouse onto. Since my forearms are sore from the precise mouse movements I've had to use just to play, this is egregious.

So I now have a question: Do you know where I can find a copy of the XP version of Freecell to download? That's what I want. And thank you.
October 29, 2012 10:20:40 PM

I'd also like to know because I was trying to complete all the games, on the new version when you win you can't select the next numbered game straight away. You either get a randomly numbered game or exit. When you are doing the games consecutively you really need to be able to see the number of the game you've just finished to select the number of the next game. Especially when you finish the game suddenly.

I also don't have an XP copy that I can copy and install onto my Windows 7 laptop.