Suggestion to anyone that plans on building in the near future.

Currently the price of windows 7 is very cheap. If you plan on building for the reason of saving money vs buying a prebuilt the window may be pretty small. At least for buying your operating system. Windows 8 will soon come out and a full install will be around 400$. Seeing as some people's budgets are in the range of 450-1000$, 400 will take a huge chunk out of what you are trying to build.

I had to buy a copy myself (windows 7) and I tried to look for a Windows Vista as I was hoping it was cheaper. They stopped selling it. I couldn't find it anywhere. I ended up buying a bootleg version of windows 7 (well it was advertised as geniune... too good to be true it probably is..:) Bought the full version when the price dropped to 200$. Anyway to avoid all that hastle yourself, buy now.

Suggestion... buy windows 7 as quick as you can even if you have to save up for the rest of the parts.
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  1. phunky_21 said:
    Windows 8 will soon come out and a full install will be around 400$.

    Uh what? If you really want to save money you would buy the $40 windows8 upgrade that's coming soon. The only thing the upgrades ever checked for were that some form of windows was installed not even caring if the OS was registered or not. Also OEM versions will still be around the $100 mark.

    And as always if you are a student of faculty at a university, buy the discounted version of windows7 professional for $70.
  2. Wow, I didn't look at the price. I just figured it would be around the windows 7 price upon release. Well they still need the full install of windows 7 to get the upgrade.
  3. how about we stop suggesting buying bootleg versions of windows or illegally using upgrades. both of you need to go read the forum rules.

    everyone here knows to buy OEM windows 7 and its not going to disappear when windows 8 comes out.
  4. How about you don't go twisting someones words that was trying to be helpful. I never said that. I said I bought it on accident because I was trying to save money(got conned by someone who was selling bootleg as geniune).

    I was looking at the windows 8 upgrade that is a limited time promotional offer. How do I make sure I can get that price because I wanted to upgrade myself so long as it's cheap.
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