Why have dual video graphics cards in PC?

Is there a reason to have dual video/graphics cards in your PC?
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  1. Yes for higher performance and more fps. Depending on what games you play the higher the fps and performance the smoother the gameplay when there's lots of action and players.
  2. its an option for people who already have a gpu, but instead of upgrading the gpu, you buy the same gpu that you own to cut price for performance. though doing so is heavy on the power consumption of your computer. usually if your computer is a first build, you will only have 1 gpu unless your sli/crossfiring the top of the line cards

    For example

    Say I have a 6850(150$) and i want to upgrade my GPU
    I can pay 250$ to upgrade it to a 7850


    I have the choice to buy another 6850(150$) and crossfire both to have good performance without having to spend 100$ more to upgrade my graphics power
  3. Do you mean two seperate video cards, or two card set up in crossfire or SLI?

    I once had 2 cards in a PC to run 2 monitors, as the tech wasn't there yet to run 2 monitors off one card.

    Now you can run up to 6 monitors off one card, some of them. Many will do 3.
  4. So that you only need to add one similar GPU to your system and get extra performance, instead of just buying a whole new card then throwing away your old card.
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