Should I sell my 570 and buy a 670?

I have a first gen i7 930 oc'd to 3.6 ghz, 12gb ddr3 1600mhz, and a GTX 570 currently. With the release of the 670s, I was considering selling my card (looks like I can get about $200 on ebay currently) and snagging a GTX 670.

I play a lot of PC games. Right now I am looking forward to GW2 the most, buts its been difficult to judge the performance based off the beta because it is not yet optimized.

Do you guys think that the upgrade would be worth it or should I just stick to my 570? Would my current system bottleneck the 670 in anyway?

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  1. A good upgradee is one that goes up at least two levels and when the hierachy chart comes out next month here at Tomshardware we will se at what level the 670 is compared to the 570. It might not be a good idea to upgrade every time a new card comes out because when you get the card and put it in your computer you might not notice much performance increase. If you skipped this model and upgraded to a 770 (the next after the 670) then you will notice an improvement. It's hard to pass on a new card but if you don't notice any performance increase then your disappointed. Naturaly you can do what you want , ity's your money and people always like a new card. How about a 680?
    I doubt that your cpu would be a bottleneck.
  2. Thanks inzone, I guess I will have to wait for more reviews and such of the 670.
  3. No you don't need to I think. You can SLI it if you want and beat the 670 up. Or yeas as inzone says, wait for the 770 or something :).
  4. SLI is an interesting option. My power supply could surely power it. Im trying to find bench's for 570 vs. 670. Anyone have links handy?

  5. What's your PSU?
  6. I have 1000 watt antec
  7. Good luck to you man :).
  8. Thanks. I'll post here If I pull the trigger. My main game is going to be guild wars 2 when it comes out, so I might have to just wait until it comes out to see if I should upgrade or not.
  9. OK!
  10. In GW 2 more VRAM would probably help alot.Id go 670.
  11. You think so Mikem? My concern is when I try to play world v world and there is a hundred people on the screen at once.
  12. Usually upgrade each 2nd generation of cards..=770. But if you need to upgrade, i'd get the GTX 670 as well.
  13. I've been thinking about it, and I think my best bet is to hold off until guild wars 2 comes out so I can determine how much of a benefit it will bring me. Thanks for all the input guys.
  14. Without a doubt the new GTX 670 is a faster GPU than the GTX 570:

    3DMark11: +45%
    Battlefield 3: +34%
    DiRT 3: +28%
    Skyrim: +32%
    Metro 2033: +31%
    Dues Ex: +29%
    Batman: AC: +39%
    Power Consumption: -14%
    With an average performance delta of 30% or more, the GTX 670 makes a solid upgrade for GTX 570 users but maybe more interesting, it does this while using 14% less power as well.

  15. Thanks for that link, I hadn't seen that comparison before. I have the card in my amazon cart... its just a matter of pushing the checkout button, lol.
  16. I went ahead and pulled the trigger. It is definitely something that I don't need, but I had $100 amazon gift card sitting in my account too, so out of pocket after I sell my 570 will be about $100. Thanks for all the input.
  17. You are going to be suprised at the performance of the 670 , I just finished looking at some benchmarks and I don't know what Nvidia was thinking when they made the 670 but the performanve of the card is almost the same as the 680. So by getting the 670 you save yourself a bundle of cash and have almost the same performance.

    It certianly makes sense to go for a 670 two way SLI setup. If you have time you can read these , if not at least read the first one.
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