Fresh install windows7, does not see HD...

So, I bought a new computer, a HP h8-1234, not very proud of it. (but thats another thread).
I want to reformat the hard drive to get rid of the crap that is on the drive. So I went to install Windows7, once it loads it tells me to load the driver for the HD. The screen does not show the hard drive and I can not prOceed any father.
Any ideas?
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  1. you need to download the storage controller drivers for your computer since windows 7 is not recognizing them.

    x86 here

    x64 here

    easiest way to do this is to extract the actual driver ini/inf onto a USB flash drive.
    1) download the driver as .exe from hp's website
    2) use 7zip or winrar and extract the files
    3) copy them to a USB flash drive
    4) insert USB flash drive into computer and have windows 7 dvd in dvd drive
    5) turn on computer and run windows setup,
    6) when asked to select a hard drive to install there should be a button that says "load drivers" click it
    7) navigate to your USB flash drive and select the driver ini/inf files
    8) the windows 7 setup should now recognize your hard drive
  2. Awesome I'll give it a try.
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