Artifact issue?

I am having a very hard time troubleshooting what is wrong with my computer any help is appreciated.

I5-2500k stock clock
ASROCK Z68 Extreme4 - bios 1.7
Gskill 8gb 4gbx2 and also tried PNY 4gb
MSI hd 6950 pe/oc stock clock 850/1300
Corsair 750W PSU
1TB hardrive

My issue is the computer constantly freezes...


thought the graphics card was the issue so I took the card out and did a fresh install of windows... did windows update so everything was current... still freezes

proceeded to think ram was the issue so i went to best buy and picked up PNY 4gb stick and put that in... still freezes

the bios on the motherboard is the newest one... which was ASROCKs suggestion to why my computer was freezing... no help...

downloaded memtest86 and created a bootable disk... ran it for over and hour just fine... walked away and came back to a fully artifact filled screen could still see things moving in background like the program was still running but nothing responded...

when the video card was in the screen would just freeze and make a buzzing sound...

"video hardware error" was in the dump file announcing screen when the card was still in... but if the card is out and its running on the inboard graphics why is it still freezing?

tried moving the ram from the 2 blue slots to the 2 white slots... did nothing... tried using just one in each slot... nothing...

downloaded realtemp... cpu temps never go over 70 C... used MSI afterburner to monitor GPU temps and they never went over 65 C

the only thing that even remotely helped was to underclock the GPU to 750Mhz which just seemed to delay the freezing

im about ready to just throw this thing out a window...

if i missed any information you would need just let me know... any help again would be appreciated...
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  1. Contact MSI and tell them it's defective. I think you tried everything there except checking the driver version like you know check 12.4, 12.1, etc. And you haven't try putting the GPU on a different system.
  2. ok i kinda figured the video card had issues but why cant i use the onboard graphics? and why are the issues with just the onboard graphics so similar to when the video card is in?

    -- forgot to mention that i have tried rolling back the drivers on the video card from the 11s to the newest 12.4 all have problems
  3. download driver sweeper from and run the amd driver sweeper then reinstall the latest drivers.

    might want to redo the thermal compound on your cpu, seems a bit high when your gpu is only doing 65, use the pea in the middle method with thermal paste rather than spreading it, spreading will cause air bubbles. Not a necessity but its always good to keep temps as low as possible.
  4. tried doing the driver sweeper and re installing graphics drivers with the card still in...

    took the card out did a fresh install of windows... re installed card with latest drivers... still issues

    took card out again did another fresh install of windows and decided to just use onboard graphics until i RMA the video card but the freezing turned into artifacts all over the screen
  5. Take a screenshot of HWMonitor to read the voltages of your PSU.
    Did you try the GPU on another PC? And you're saying that you're getting artifacts with the onboard GFX too, so it doesn't sound to be a graphics card issue.

    I'd look @ the PSU and MOBO in the first place, Also 70C sounds to be a bit agressive for your CPU is the temps for the core when IDlLE? HWMonitor screenshot will show this.
  6. Download this version and upload a screenshot again, see if it looks like this
    I've no clue what VIN3/4/5 mean, VIN1 is the Dram voltage, I noticed it's 1.8V that's pretty high to damage your RAM instantly and the integrated IMC in your SB CPU, set the RAM voltage manually according to your RAM specs, Max is 1.6V.

    I need to see the 12v readings try to download that version and see if it changes anything.

    here is the AXTU screen that comes with motherboard... cpu clock is at 4Ghz... 1.5v DRAM on this monitor... idk what the other readings mean on CPUID one
  8. Have you tried another cable? It might be that simple issue.
  9. Look at the 12V readings, it should be 12.xx.

    Try another PSU if you can and see how it is.
  10. a psu cable? or say get a HDMI cable instead of a DVI?

    -- im going to try and run memtest again and see if it artifacts... then ill take a picture and post it maybe that will help
  11. Does the computer freeze when you get the artifacts? If it does it won't be a cable issue.

    this is what it looks like with no graphics card on artifact up

    and if i hit esc when this happens in memtest windows will load... but if it does it in say a game without a shortcut to get out mouse is unresponsive
  13. Does it happen with the MSI HD 6950?
    If it does, this is not a a Graphics artifact, this is something related to the MOBO and RAM specifically.
  14. when the graphics card is in the screen freezes and blue green or whatever color lines appear on screen and it makes a buzzing sound... and requires a hard reset

    referring to the screen shots of H/W monitor it appears that the 1.8v is the PLL voltage

    and the ram i have is the which has the Extreme4 MB on the list

    and i also have PNY 4gb which also doesn't solve problem

    Both are 1.5v memory... think that may be whats wrong?

    Should i try another one?
  15. Ok, your left options now is to try the VGA card on another PC and try another PSU on your MOBO.
  16. It's definitely either RAM or Motherboard then.
  17. 2 different responses :)

    well both of yours Ilysaml are gonna be rough since i dont really know anyone with a computer that can supply enough power to use graphics card on or to let me hook my tower up to their PSU... lol
  18. Didn't you say it does the same without graphics card? If so, it's not graphics card.

    phantasyhax said:
    thought the graphics card was the issue so I took the card out and did a fresh install of windows... did windows update so everything was current... still freezes

    I see you tried 1 stick of ram at a time as well? If so, then it must be the motherboard. Also, CPU could cause such issues too, since you haven't crossed it out yet, but it's very very very very unlikely for CPU to be doing that.
  19. The problem is not a standard one and we are trying different possible solutions, so we can guess anything that causing the issues, but I'm 100% sure that this is not a graphics artifacts, graphics artifacts would be red/green dots & lines, and so on.

    I've seen this one in older P4 machine, was healed by removing the RAM.
    Since you said you've tried different RAM, so there might be a problem with the MOBO..maybe you can flash back to a different BIOS and see how it goes.
  20. o i didn't mean to sound unappreciative if i did i take all advice seriously and try it to implement the changes the best i can.

    i have tried bios 1.4 as this is what came with it... 1.6... and now 1.7... should i try 1.5?

    and i would agree with you about not being a GPU issue but underclocking the GPU to 750Mhz seemed to fix the issue for a couple weeks... would underclocking the GPU affect other hardware as well?

    but i just don't understand why its crashing with on board graphics and discrete... with 2 different sticks of memory

    and going back to the 12v rail being at 11.98 volts is that really an issue? it goes from 11.9 to 11.99 and in between just sitting here looking at it
  21. just found asrock beta bios update L2.03 -- would it hurt anything to try the latest beta bios?
  22. After so many different versions of BIOS, I think it's safe to say it's motherboard failure issue. RMA the board.
  23. No problem trying the beta, with Dual BIOS you can always flash back.
    Maybe it was just a chance of nt having the artifacts when you underclocked the GPU clocks.

    No it shouldn't be a serious issue, but if you're not stable it might be an issue.

    You can take Sunius advice and RMA the MOBO, I have seen a lot of issues with ASRock Ext 3.0 specifically. But i'd go nuts if I RMA the board and find out it's not the issue
  24. ya it decided to freeze up during bios update... now it just dosent boot just restarts runs error check and restarts... nice little loop...

    guess i gotta RMA the board if i even can anymore...

    any suggestions on a new MOBO? think im just gonna ebay this one after it comes back
  25. Never done an RMA before, don't know If you get a refund or you exchange it.
  26. they either give you a new one or "fix" the one you send it... usually not a refund
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