All parts chosen, but need some expert advice before I buy

Hi all. New member here and actually quite new to building PCs, so you might have to s p e a k s l o w l y :)

I've basically got to a position where I am almost ready to buy, but I just wanted to run my selections past some experts. I have put a few comments by some of the parts and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Really want to make sure everything is compatible (I think it is), plus I have concern on the motherboard and PSU side of things... :pt1cable:

CPU: i5-2500k

GPU: GeForce GTX 560Ti 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card
[Was tempted by the 570, but can't justify the price. The 560Ti seems to hold its own and seems like it will be a good match with the CPU.]

MOB: Asus P8Z68-V/GEN3 Intel Z68 Socket 1155 Motherboard
[Really not sure about this. I feel I am paying too much and won't make use of half of the features. I had intended to go for a cheaper Gigabyte board, but I keep hearing terrible things about boot loops, DOA kit and short lifespans. I think I could make some serious savings if I went for a cheaper board, but I really don't know which. Plus people say this board is good with the i5 CPU?]

PSU: Xigmatek NRP-VC603 600W
[The more I read the more I think I should buy a Cooler Master GX 650W for a little more. Maybe if I can save some money on the MOB I could do this?]

RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB
[It's just RAM, but seems popular brand]

CASE: Antec 302 Three Hundred Two Gaming Case
[Looks pretty good and good price]

Haven't bothered listing HDD or optical drive... I'll find something or other.
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  1. Definitely get a cheaper mobo and a smaller PSU and use more on the GPU. 550 is rather underwhelming.
  2. 550? I'm getting the GTX 560Ti... I thought that was a pretty good card?
  3. if you can get this psu it's a very nice psu
    I have the 850w version and let me tell you this thing is a beast!
    also the motherboard is very good but i mean i would get cheaper one and get a bbetter psy like finneousPJ said and get a better gpu such as this card is from what i hear as good as the gtx 580 so get this instead
  4. for ram you can go for the 2x4gb g.skill value series ram
    be sure to check if your motheroard is 240pin
    Nice case I would recommend teh HAF 912 but thats just what I like just check it out and compare it its also about 60 dollars so it just goes to what you like
    screw the i5 2500k if you like intel get it but i think that if you like to do many things at one definetely look into getting a fx-8150... but thats a different socket so you would have to change motherboards and I mean i have a 8120 which is 8 cores 3.1 ghz each core and the 8150 is 15 dollars less that the 2500k and is 8 cores 3.6ghz each core. If you like this cpu be sure to do a lot of research on both the 2500k and fx-8150 to make sure you buy the one that fits your computer using style! anyways here is the link to a motherboard that can support it and the cpu
  5. Oh sorry I must be tired I totally read 550 Ti. Well anyway my point stands save some money on a couple of components and get a better GPU. 7850 is just about the sweet spot ATM for 1080p gaming.
  6. yes it is so just keep the cpu then I think youll like it for gaming I just run around 9 programs at one time so hopefully every thing works out and true that the 7850 can satify your gaming needs. Ok just one more thing you should buy a hyper 212 plus for you cpu. make sure its compatible with your socket before ordering it but its only like 25 dollars so it's completely worth it. as well you should buy some fans for your case so the airflow is very nice those parts will get pretty damn hot
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