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Fan controller

How does this work?:

Am I going to plug that directly into my power supply and then plug the fans into it?

Also, How do I know whether a fan will push or pull air? I want to buy a 120mm and use it as an exhaust but I'm not sure if there are specific types or if it is about the direction you point the fan.

These are the fans I intend to plug into the fan controller, will it be able to handle them?
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    I have the NZXT Sentry Mix, which is basically that except a bit stronger and with some LED's.

    Yep, it should have a Molex connector which receives power from the PSU, which is then sent to the fans that connect to it.

    The direction a fan blows is just a matter of which way its screwed into the case. Usually the ugly end (with the product details sticker and the struts) is the way the air flows. There might also be arrows on the frame itself saying with direction air flows.
    If you want to make sure just plug it in and feel for yourself.

    30W is more than enough to handle a standard case fan. Its only if you were chaining multiple fans off the connector could your run into issues.
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