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Hey everyone,

Regular here at Tom's. Don't post that often (at least topics), I do responses from time to time though.

Since this is a rare post from me the subject, as you've come here for is for the 7990, the elusive card that has everyone wondering where the **** it is?!

There is really no hard evidence of the card, just rumors that it's "coming". This thread is going to be more about speculation at first until we can get some actual specs going.

I'm going to say that because it's going up against the GTX 690, and boy will AMD have their hands full with this dual GPU card since it's almost 2:1 performance from Nvidia, that more than likely it'll meet or be behind the 690 slightly.

It'll definitely go one of two ways.

First way is that I'll say it'll be just shy of the GTX 690 and won't factory O/C at all past the 7970 speeds, possibly even going the route as previous cards where it's just slightly underclocked from the full cards.

Second I believe they might go for the top card title and try to slug it out with Nvidia (which might explain as to why they've waited a lonnngggg time to release). This might include a good O/C on both cards, possibly at 1ghz core and maybe a little bump on memory speed. I do not believe they'll do like Nvidia and fine tune components and engines on the cards architecture unless they REALLYYY planned this card out, the reasoning being is that I think they'll save fine tuning GCN until the 8xxx series.

So let's go with the second opinion and say they do O/C the cards. Unless they have some crazy good heatsink and have come up with some power reduction it'll be hard to make this card possible with an O/C. If they do do it and get the card under the ratings (they did have a problem with the 6990, so it's certified) it should be a beast of a card. Trying to remember, but I think when the cards are O/C to 1ghz it matches the GTX 680 on a consistent basis. If this is the case and they can get the card to run decently cool and quite, then they should have a winner. Should be cheaper than the 680 and hopefully get some goodness with multiple ports on the back ;).

I'm really, really hoping the scenario plays out like in the second example so we'll have some tough competition on prices (possibly a price war?).

Anyways, this is all though and speculation at this point. Anyone like to comment on this or put up their own speculation? Maybe we could also get this sticked and add to this as more information presents itself in the future.
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  1. They are planning for 7970 Ghz or even 7980 Hahahahah.
  2. Ahh! Really want my dual GPU card though =(, been waiting forrrreevvvvveerrrrr!

    Yes, I could just pony up the dough and get a GTX 690, but that wouldn't be compatible with my monitors for 3d (Samsung SA750).

    I could also do 7970/7950 X-Fire and be good, but I'd need a 3+ DP card for HD3D, so I'd definitely like to get the dual gpu version, hoping it'll be a solid price and maybe later down the road grab another.

    Will be first time getting a dual gpu card and seeing/playing HD3D, and I've had these monitors for a good 2-4 months. So needless to say, I'm getting anxious and excited to see it. Plus, this definitely will be a step up on fps w/ my current 6950.
  3. 690 is $1200 LOL. I'm expecting 7990 to be $1000 and will launch somewhere after the 7970 Ghz edition and price drop of the 7970 :).
  4. refillable said:
    690 is $1200 LOL. I'm expecting 7990 to be $1000 and will launch somewhere after the 7970 Ghz edition and price drop of the 7970 :).

    Well....*supposed* to be $1000 for the 690. I mean, looking back at older dual gpu cards, I really think we're getting a run for our money this time around, really jacking the prices up as high as possible.

    Anyways, hoping the 7990 will be $850 or less, possibly even $750 depending on prices drops ;).
  5. will it be 2x7970s on one card ??
  6. refillable said:
    690 is $1200 LOL. I'm expecting 7990 to be $1000 and will launch somewhere after the 7970 Ghz edition and price drop of the 7970 :).

  7. 6990 is faster than 2x7970
  8. tracker45 said:
    6990 is faster than 2x7970

    Who said?
  9. tracker45 said:
    6990 is faster than 2x7970

    Whaaa? Where have you seen this?
  10. Did find this roaming around the net.

    But the preparations aren't stopping there, as the improved silicon will also power the Radeon HD 7990, a dual-GPU board codenamed New Zealand that competes with the (gorgeous looking) GTX 690. AMD is expected to release the board in time for Computex Taipei 2012 in early June, with retail availability to follow in mid-June. The Radeon HD 7990 would keep the clock as close to the original 925MHz of Tahiti XT (don't be too surprised to see an Über mode bios switch like on HD 6990),

    Read more:

    Interesting, so we might see it mid June? The clocks seem promising as well.
  11. That's a wrong information, 7970 Crossfire will be much faster 6990.
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