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Hello there thanks for taking your time to begin to read this post. Recently I was thinking about buying a gaming laptop. So I began looking around the internet on websites such as and other places. Finally after a few days of constant searching i at last found the laptop I am planning at the moment to buy. And I am here today to ask you guys about the Msi G Series GT780DX-277US. If one of you guys reading right now own it or have used it in the past or is very experienced with msi laptops please tell me if I should specifically buy that laptop It is refurbished on for around like $1000. Please tell me If its a good deal or you have found sometime that is much better then the one on amazon that is still around my price range of 1k. Thanks for reading this and please reply back to this post asap bye :)
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  1. I'm no expert with MSI laptops. However, for the specs, it is a good value. However, like you said, it is refurbished. Make sure the laptop has some sort of warranty and the seller has some sort of return/exchange policy to cover your ass just in case it fails. :)
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