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Bear with me as I try to explain this the best I can. Currently I have a HDTV as my PC monitor. It works fine, and when set in native resolution looks great. However, I've noticed that when the resolution is set to the native resolution, I can't change any display settings on the tv itself. When I put the display to any other resolution, besides the native resolution, my display options are available again. This is driving me nuts. When I'm using my PC for normal stuff like browsing or movies, it's alright. But when I play games, the colors and textures look strange and washed out. But when I put the games resolution to a higher or lower setting, it looks great; colors are normal and full, contrast is much more bearable. The only problem is when I put games in higher resolution they look "fuzzy," and after about 5 minutes I start to get a headache. What I think it boils down to is that if I had the ability to change my tv's display settings when on native resolution I could make the display much better, so why do all the options (besides brightness and contrast) become unavailable when i put my display to native resolution?
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  1. What is your TV Model & your graphics card brand & model?
  2. samsung ln32a330j1dxza

    gtx 570 OC evga
  3. If you are currently using HDMI, it maybe the reason why most settings are grayed out. I suggest you use VGA instead.
  4. Any other options? I don't understand why the tv's picture settings would suddenly become unavailable when put in native resolution...
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