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So the quick story is that I bought a new EVGA 670 GTX SC today at the local CompUSA, popped it in my old tried and true i7 920 system, replaced the EVGA 570 which was working great, and I get artifacts and lock ups on the 2nd game I tried.

First, I haven't adjusted any of the settings on the card. It's factory overclocked, but I've left everything at stock settings.

So I start with Battlefield 3, up the settings to msaa 4x. It artifacts slightly at the beginning of my hour of play, then stops and runs fine. Temps top out at 81c.

Start up The Witcher 2, and within a minute I see big green blobs and other artifacts. Check temps, 81c max but the artifacts start way before the temps ramp up. I jump back in, go to the spot with the artifacts, the game locks.

I've now tried lower settings in game, vsync on and off, faster fan speed, different drivers, same problem.

I left it a lone for a while and just a few minutes ago played an entire round of Super Monday Night Combat to see how that would fair. Settings are way easy on this card. GPU doesn't go over 60%, temps are down in the low 70's at most. Finish the hour round and it artifacts on the menu screen and locks up.

Do I just have a bad card? Is there anything I could try to do to fix this? Should I tinker with dropping the clock speeds or increasing the voltage?

Thanks for any insight.
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  1. Did you uninstall the old driver and then install the GTX 670 specific driver? There is only 1 that supports the 670 I believe, 301.34.

    If that does not fix it I would return the card.
  2. Yes. Actually I installed the driver on the disk first, 301.25, had the issues and then uninstalled and installed 301.34 but it didn't change anything.
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    Sounds like you may have won the unlucky lottery then and got a bad card. Hopefully they have another one to replace that one with.
  4. Thanks for the help. I'll try exchanging it this morning. I've been building pc's for myself for over a decade now and every once in a while a part just doesn't work.
  5. Well also... if this will help. Ill contact my friends over at NVIDIA and see when a new driver might be coming. I may not be as soon as we need it but. It would help to know. First try returning your card. If it still gives you artifacts then we need to go into more depth on the issue.

    and that is if the new card still gives you artifacts.
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  7. Thanks for all the help, Rockdpm. I returned the card the next morning, popped in the new card that night and everything has worked flawlessly. Must have just been a bad card. I guess it happens sometimes.
  8. Yeah it does. Especially with a new product launch. Glad you got it fixed. Enjoy!
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