{HELP PLEASE} Problem setting up VIRTU MVP

so, heres the story, I've tried setting up virtu mvp for awhile now. Still cannot figure out how to make it work. Here were the things I did:
1. first of, I enable Intel Visualization in UEFI Bios on Gigabyte board. I tried using my cpu integrated graphics of my 2500k as for my graphics for awhile, which is Radeon 3000. I also installed the latest drivers for the CPU graphics driver from intel website. I restarted my pc after the installation , like I was supposed to. after the reboot I installed virtu mvp perfectly, they asked me to reboot once again, which I did. After that I turned off my pc, so I could put my discrete graphics card on and I'm using HDMI by the way. I plugged the hdmi to graphics card. Boots up perfectly and windows did too, but I had this error thing:


I tried this about 3 times trying to make it work. And it still doesn't wanna work. I need help to setup it up PLEASE. Thank you help anyway you can! :) :)
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  1. Ok go back into the bios and select the integrated graphics as your primary graphics card option, not pci-e.
    Reboot and try again. Same thing happened to me and it worked.
    you might have to reinstall Virtu again , I think thats what I did to get it working.
  2. Ah hang on , you are using a Sandy Bridge Cpu, Virtu MVP only works with an Ivy Bridge CPU....sorry dude.
  3. only windows 7 too
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