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Measuring the temp of an A4-5300

I'm using an A4-3500 with an ASRock FM2A75 Pro4-M, and this is what I'm getting:

CPU: 30-35 'C idle, 50-55 'C under load
CPU Core: 0-20 'C idle (jumpy), up to 65 'C under load
Package not measured

Core Temp
CPU Core: 0-20 'C idle (jumpy), up to 65 'C under load
CPU and Package not measured

CPU: 30-35 'C idle, 50-55 'C under load
Core and Package not measured

Package: 50-60 'C idle, 95-105 'C under load
CPU and Core not measured


I can't make heads or tails of this -- the readings I'm getting are consistent from program to program, but make no sense relative to each other. Is this a bug, or do I have faulty sensors?
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  1. Third party software is not always right as you see here. I use core temp which has an offset and I compared it to BIOS and had to set -15°C correction on idle temp.
  2. BIOS only has the CPU temp though, not the core temp. But from what I've seen it's about the same as the CPU temp that AIDA64, SpeedFan, and HWMonitor are giving me, and 30-35 'C idle / 50-55 'C under load is a very sensible reading, so I trust that. And around 65 'C under load sounds right for the core temp. That leaves me with three questions:

    - The package reading from HWMonitor is flat-out wrong, right? There's no way I should even be able to see 105 'C without the computer having locked up first, right?
    - Can sensors be accurate at high temps and inaccurate at lower temps? Because that's what it seems like with the core temp. If I needed an offset of ~22 'C then it'd be running up around 90 'C under load.
    - Am I missing the core temp reading in the BIOS, or is it just not there?
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    1 yes it is wrong
    2 it is possible
    3 just not there
  4. Thanks. I'll just keep an eye on things and do some research.
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