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I recently bought a Corsair TX 750M. It works but the coil whine is extremely annoying. I will likely return it, but while I'm there should I keep the same PSU or exchange it?

I can get the 750 V2 for the same price before rebates, and ten dollars more than the TX 750M after rebates. Should I swap it?

Is there another PSU i should consider instead?

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  1. I didn't know the TX series had coil whine issues. Though I would get the V2 instead, it's a newer model and it might've fixed whatever issue the former had. Both are great PSU lines though, you can't go wrong with either, the coil whine might be a factory defect.
  2. Im pretty sure it's a factory defect.

    When I look at the reviews the V2 scores slightly higher, even though the M is "based on" the V2. Usually the V2 is a lot cheaper than the M, so in this case I'm on the edge.

    I do like having a modular PSU though. It's a hard choice. Thanks for your opinion.
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