Acer aspire t180 issue

ok this computer is old and i just moved.

my issue is the computer turns on and i hear fans, cd drive, and hdd moving. but no display.

i have been threw multiple tests....i think its the motheroboard.

i have tried checking if the processor fell loose from the move.

i have tried unplugging/replugging all the power supllies wires.

this power supply is only a few months old or so.

i have tried flipping around the ram.

i have tried removing all ram to check for beeps..... this is the issue

i read online if you do this it will beep to tell you ram is not inserted or other issues..... well mine didnt

will this happen if the processor is bad? if not then is it the mother board.

specs -

also side question is if the PSU is bad will the cpu fan, HDD, and disc drive operate?(or what are signs of a bad PSU)
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  1. Sounds as if the motherboard is indeed bad, if there is no dedicated GPU.
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