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I was thinking of getting that new Lenovo y480 laptop which was suppose to have a 650m card...but it doesn't.
Now I've been researching like crazy about the 640M.
I know there is a 640M LE version, which has a clock speed of only 500 MHz versus the 625 in the normal card.
NOW I also know there is a gimped version with only 96 shaders versus 384??????
y480 comes with a 1gb 640 and a 2gb 640...
I don't know which type of card the 2g has, is it the LE? Is it the 384 shaders LE or the gimpy 96 shaders one? Is it still the LE card?

I looked around and couldn't find answered, I was getting so many mixed results and people saying different things so I figured I'd ask here.
I'm from Canada so this laptop is all I got since the the new hp dv6 7000 doesn't seem to be available here yet...
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    Here's a good comparison on what mobile offerings NVidia has right now

    Yes, they are absolute assholes when it comes to naming things

    The only way you will be able to find that answer is to call them an ask them. Lenovo doesn't really make gaming laptops so my bet is on the gimpy one, but I could be wrong
  2. Download GPU-Z, it may help you a bit:
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