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Graphics card for 3d

I am currently using an AMD HD4850 and I think it's time to upgrade :)
my options are the HD6870 or the HD6850 2gb version, both from sapphire.
I am working with 3ds max and maya and using vray RT and maya Bullet(as much as i know they are openCL so they should work on AMD cards correct me if I am wrong...).
which one is better? do you have a better option?
i though about using nvidia card but i hear people complain about low fps on the viewports in the 4xx and 5xx.
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  1. 6870 would be great I think, but I need confirmation from other user as I'm not that master on 3D stuff.
  2. Both are great cards but does the 6850 with 2gb will be better or not?
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    No, 6870 should be better. The GPU part of the 6850 won't use the 2GB VRAM properly, because it is not powerful enough.
  4. seems legit...
    Anybody else has an opinion? maybe other suggestions?
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