Intel i7 3770k vs i5 3570k ? i7 on sale at micro $229

intel i7 3770k vs i5 3570k?. Right now micro center is offering the i7 for $229
This is for a gaming work build. Was going to get the i5 but saw the huge discount on the i7. Btw the i5 is $169
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  1. The real question is. What would you do with that $60 difference?

    If it would go towards a better graphics card, then pick up the i5. If you have the money to fork over for the i7 at $229 and are going to pick up the same GPU regardless of which cpu then go with the i7 as it is beastlier. But, in gaming there is no difference between the two so keep that in mind. My 2 cents.
  2. ^+1 to him. Couldn't have said it any better.
  3. Still. Wouldn't you love to have an i7 for about the same price most people got their i5?

    That's an amazing price! I hate to hear about microcenter prices cuz I don't live near one, at least for now.
  4. They give you $40 off of a mobo....

    Reminds me of my 2600K I got for $220 in april from them. :)
  5. If you are gamer that does light computer oriented work, get the i5, no need to pay more for i7. If you game and do semi-professional/professional work on your pc, then get the i7. I7s provide more muscle for well threaded apps and productivity apps like some video and editing/transcoding software and 2d/3d design software. Be aware of 2 things:
    1- Usually, productivity apps in your pc will take advantage of more RAM, too, so keep this in mind
    2- That i7 is normally sold for over 300 bucks so you may not be able to get it for that price in the future, due to the fact that intel chips tend to hold their price point
  6. Quick answer:
    Buy the i5-3570K and spend more money on getting 2133MHz, low-latency DDR3 memory (8GB; 2x4GB) rather than 1600MHz.

    Long answer:

    I own the i7-3770K.

    There are VERY FEW applications that will actually run better on the 3770K vs the 3570K. Personally it's only HANDBRAKE (and not always depending on settings) and possibly Acronis True Image (though it look like only a 10% or so advantage).

    My advice is take the difference and put it towards SOMETHING ELSE such as:
    1. addon sound card
    2. 2133MHz DDR3 (instead of 1600MHz)
    3. BluRay Writer
    4. Desktop Speakers

    *On the other hand, in a very few games the i7-3770K can have a SMALL advantage over an i5-3570K, and the very real possibility also exists that future games such as ones using the UNREAL 4 engine will actually benefit from hyperthreading.

    However, if you've drawn a budget in the sand then the $60 difference would still benefit elsewhere.

    **I should emphasize that with a high-end graphics card that the 2133MHz DDR3 RAM would be MORE beneficial than the i7-3770K on average (I prefer the G. Skill with the lower timings).

    CPU-intensive games benefit far more than GPU-intensive games because of the high amount of traffic between the CPU and System Memory (the DDR3).

    I did a LOT of research on this because most people think all games are bottlenecked at about 1600MHz (with an i5-3570K and GTX680). Most are, but several are not.
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