Is 90c gpu to high when playing games maxed?

Hi i have a EVGA gtx 670 superclocked video card and while playing BF3, Operation Flashpoint Dragon rising/red river. I get around 70-90c is that to hot for this gpu? please i dont want to **** anything up
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  1. That is pretty hot for a 670. You are going to want to adjust the fan curve on an after market program, like MSI Afterburner.
  2. +1 "adjust the fan curve" from Deemo

    EVGA makes a very nice OC utility. I use it. EVGA PRECISON. google it. It will let you set the fan curve. Start by just forcing the fan to 100% and see how the temps drop, then pick a curve that works for you. You can also play with mild OC.

    Aside, how long have you had the card? (670 - probably not that long) After a while the heat sink on the GPU can fill up with dust, you need to blow it out with a can of compressed air. That's worth 5 degrees last time i did it. A can of compressed air is $7 at stables, home depot, or mail order from amazon or newegg.
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