2-Way SLI GTX670 or GTX690 ?

Hello there,

I want to upgrade my PC with eiter SLI GTX670 or one GTX 690.

My current specs are:

i5-2500k (currently not o/cd)
Z68 Motherboard
16 GB of Ram
850W PS

I know that this is quite ok for now but as I have a 27 screen and always play at 2560x1600 the single 580 has quite some problems with it (I hardly can ever enable AA and still play at 60+ FPS).

A friend of mine will buy the 580 off me for a good price so there isnt really a problem with it.

Should I get with SLI 670s or one 690?

Should I upgrade the CPU too and get a new Ivy Bridge?

Thanks a lot+
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  1. Go for the 670 SLI, it will be cheaper and almost identical performance to the 690. Overclock them and you may surpass the 690.
    670 SLI = $800
    GTX 690 = $1000+

    You really do not need to go with Ivy Bridge , its not a good upgrade from Sandy Bridge.
    You would be better off overclocking that awesome i5 2500K of yours and enjoy the speed of it, or go with an i7 2600K and overclock the hell out of that!
    Thats my opinion :)
  2. My vote goes for 670 SLI as well. If you're running that 2500k on stock cooler I suggest you buy a Coolermaster Hyper 212 (EVO or PLUS, doesn't matter which one) and push that CPU to at least 4.2 GHz. I personally run mine at that speed and it doesn't require much tweaking! Good luck ;)
  3. I'd say go for the SLi unless the idea of a single card solution is really attractive to you. ...if it is you gotta pay that ~$200 for the exclusivity and privilege.
  4. 670 sli is more bang for your buck...
  5. I would go SLI and spend the extra cash towards two more monitors (at least it will help a little towards two more 2560x1600s!).
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