AMD A4 3400 & MSI motherboard combo

I am planing to build a system with the AMD A4 3400 & MSI mobo combo on sale with FRYs this week:
Do I need a CPU cooler for this configuration and if so what kind would you recommend? Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. You only get a cpu coller with a retail cpu. The production description doesn't state, so I would probably say not and if it did, would be a cheap no-name rubbish.

    Cooler Master Hyper 212+ $30.00, slightly overkill, but will mean keep cpu cool and quiet and you may get a small overclock.
  2. I assume you realize it's "in-store only"?

    Also, not sure what other parts you have to buy, but by the time you pay about $100 for Windows (unless getting Linux) you're probably better off getting a cheap laptop for $350 which you can still hookup to a monitor.

    *FYI, some people are under the mistake assumption that they can take a Windows disc they already installed or just the entire hard drive from another PC and use it with a new motherboard. Nope. That only applies to FULL versions which few people have.

    Just an example:
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