Help me finish off this i5-3570k gaming rig with 4th of July sales!

i5-3570k - $220
asrock z77 extreme4 - $137
g.skill 8gb - $47
windows 7 - $100
corsair hx750 - $131 w/ rebate
asus vh236h monitor - $135 w/ rebate
xfx radeon 6870 SLI/crossfire - $130 w/ rebate
xfx radeon 6870 SLI/crossfire - $130 w/ rebate

missing a good case that has usb 3.0 on it and my priority is cooling

How would you rate this set up? Going to be overclocking the cpu to 4.2gz or so. Is the power supply a good choice and will it support the crossfire and OC?

Also is the crossfire a good choice for performance or should i look into getting a single video card around the $260 - $280 range and dropping my psu down to a corsair hx650?

Please help choose a low cost case. ty
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  1. It is imperative that you get a CPU cooler. CoolerMaster Hyper 212+ will be great.
  2. A single 7850 or 7870 will be far more powerful than 2 x 6870.

    If you want case suggestions try the Corsair Carbide 300R, Antec 1100, and Fractal Design Arc MIDI.
  3. obsama1 said:

    I only recommend the Switch 810 on $1500+ budgets. And aren't PCIE connectors more dependent on the PSU than the case?
  4. Woops, wrong case. Haha! I was going through the links and I clicked the wrong one on
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