Real Life Performance of Core i3 Mobile

Just wondering what day-to-day performance of a Core i3 2367M(1.40GHz) will be like.

Just in terms of daily productivity tasks: browsing, office apps, etc.
Any typical thresholds with common programs which may become annoying?

I'm used to my i7 (1.7Ghz if I remember correctly) on my old Alienware and that went above and beyond what I really needed and I'm kinda on a budget now so looking at low end zenbook ux32a.

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  1. If all you are doing is office apps, browsing and other largely trivial computing then yes, i3 should be plenty... or you could simply continue using your existing PC/laptop unless that isn't possible for some reason.
  2. The Zenbook is pretty pricey, you could get an i7 gaming lappy for the same price! :ouch:
  3. Just get a standard laptop with an i3 in. They are far above just web browsing and office. I would upgrade it to an SSD and any laptop will be fast.
  4. I have a desktoppy for gaming and need an ultraportable to take to class everyday, just not sure how i3 performs.
    If zenbook is too pricy (though for ulraportable 650 seems reasonable to me) what's a better option?
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