Smooth gaming with one pc but not with another...

I have been getting awesome experiences(damn butter smooth) whilst playing Skyrim(max) with 5850 CF(the best gameplay experience i had in years).
i7 2600k
Asrock Extreme4
4gb gskill ram
5850 in CF.

But while i play skyrim on my gtx680 it feels a bit more choppy.
i7 3930K
Sabertooth X79
GTX680(with the blessing of God,getting another tomoro for SLI)

Any reason?
I have been reading the microstutter article as some of you might have read:,2995.html

But yet if i remember 6870s= 5850s .
What gives?why is one pc giving me smoother gameplay and one pc (gtx680) isnt?
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  1. Quote:
    Drivers are still maturing for the 600 series from nVidia.
    I am sure the issue will be ironed out in future drivers ;)

    but i also have another setup that isnt as smooth.
    i7 950
    gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R
    4gb ram

    Maybe something wrong with me but as far as i can see.With all my pcs i find that the best and smoothest gameplay comes from 5850s CF.

    I kinda doubt of this microstuttering cuz i have never seen it.But as far as i can see 5850 CF should cause microstuttering.
  2. Quote:
    What drivers are you using?

    I have had no issues with the following GPU's.
    5670 512MB (perfect)
    GTX 480 single (perfect)
    GTX 480 SLi (great)
    9800GTX+ single (perfect)
    9800GTX+ SLi (abismal)

    I have drivers 300.65 for my gtx680
    drivers 296.10 for gtx580
    and not sure with my 5850cf i never downloaded the latest drivers.Just installed from the cd that came with the packaging.

    But i really want to know any reason why there should be microstuttering?I am kinda confused cuz my 5850cf should be most susceptible to microstuttering but now i see my best gaming comes from that pc.
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