Buy 256 or 512?

The prices are the same. But the 512 is high density. I am not sure if high density will work on my computer. My specs for Mobo say PC100/133 SDRAM but nothing about high density. What do you recommend?

256MB PC133 SDRAM 32x64 168 Pin DIMM Memory (Industrial standard)
512MB PC133 SDRAM 64X4 168 Pins DIMM Memory (High Density)

My mobo is

KT7A-RAID (via KT-133a chipset)
750 Duron (I plan on upgrading to 1.2 thunderbird)

Thank you

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  1. Basically high density only works in machines that can handle 1.5gb of memory. So basically 512 in each slot. I currenty have a pentium III 500 for example at home, that can NOT use high density. If your motherboard can handle 512 in each slot for memory, then you are probably ok.

    Other things to consider, is it buffered and what is the speed of it.
  2. According to Abit, your mobo supports up to 1.5 GB in 3 memory slots. Therefore 512MB per slot.
    You *should* have no problems in using 512MB modules.

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  3. I was just reading various notes regarding new BIOS for the KT7/KT7A/KT7E at <A HREF="" target="_new">Paul's Unofficial Abit KT7 FAQ</A>. I distinctly remember reading that high density DIMM's were not supported prior to the 3R BIOS. To me, this sounds like 3R BIOS does support high density DIMM's. Check the link, reading the section on memory, and see if you agree.
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  5. Is their ram high density?

    I can get 512 SDRAM for the same price they are asking for 256 SDRAM. I cant tell if there is high density. But I would use Crucial as a refrence. If they were selling High Density Ram for my Mobo then that would only mean it would work.

  6. I know KT7 support high density. I was reading it from a supplier last night. It uses the Via KT-133 chipset having a FSB of 200.

    Mines a KT-133a (KT7A-RAID) with 200/266 FSB. So if mines runs on a faster FSB (not sure if that has anything to do with it) it should run high density.

  7. (unbuffered) It supports 1.5 gig ram.

    After reading everyones post. I believe it supports High Density. I was reading from a supplier that KT7 supports High Density. Mines KT7A (newew model). So I would think a newer model would work.

    Thank you all for helping

  8. If you have trouble just get the 3R BIOS.
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