Wireless USB Adapter Problems / Should I use PCI instead?

Currently I have a USB Wireless Adapter. It's not bad and it gets good range. My concern is that I have a lot of things plugged in via USB and sometimes when I wake the computer up or turn it on for the first time, it doesn't recognize the stick.

Then I need to play around with it for a while, removing it and putting it back in before it "catches" and then I'll finally get the internet and be fine.

This is a huge inconvenience for me and I would rather avoid it.

Would a PCI card be the solution?

If so, what is a good card to go with?

If not, are there any better solutions to my issue detailed above?

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  1. Find your wireless adapter in the list of USB Ports in Device Manager by clicking the Power tab on each one in turn to see what that port is serving. When you find it, click the Power Management tab and untick "Allow the computer to turn this device off to save power", click Apply and OK your way out.

    If it remains a problem, simply alter the Control panel>Power Options settings so the machine never sleeps.

  2. I already had troubleshot it to that point. But I want to use the sleep function when I am away. Plus it also happens coming up from a reboot.

    Suggest going to a PCI? Or is USB at this point just much more ahead tech-wise?

  3. Go for PCI to avoid a repeat of the same problem. Also, get the Wireless N capability to future proof yourself a little, even if your current router can't handle it.

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