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CPU Cooler For CM Elite 430

Hi guys,
Hope you guys could help out on choosing a good CPU Cooler for my pc! Im stuck between choosing a 212+ / evo (Turbo) or should i get Antec H2O 920 and also i plan to change the fans of them(Which Either im getting) to Gentle Typhoon.

Spec of my computer
Asrock Extreme 3 Gen 3
I5 2500K
1TB Western Digital
MSI N560GTX-Ti Hawk
Asus xonar essence stx
Seasonic 650W
Kingston 8gb ram 1333mhz (plan to change to consair Vengence)
Currently using stock cooler

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  1. What do you really want to know? The Antec H2O 920 is the better cooler but it is $60 more. The 212+/Evo will fit. Depends on your budget/needs, but the 920 is the better one.
  2. The 920 is a ripoff for only slightly better cooling performance.
  3. Is any cpu cooler u will recommend other than those two :D
  4. What are you planning to overclock to?

    If you do plan to upgrade to the corsair vengeance rams, just remember to get the low profile version, you don't need a heatsink on 1.5V ram, and it actually makes in incompatible with many heatsink based coolers (It blocks airflow on the 212 evo, and isn't compatible at all with the NH-D14).

    If you do choose to get a CLC, just remember, you may as well get a high end CPU heatsink, such as a NH D14, which does the job better, is quieter and no chance of it leaking and ruining your nice system.

    Of course, since you haven't given us enough details on what you are going to overclock to, its hard to give you a good decision.
  5. 212 EVO.
  6. Best answer
    I can also vouch for the 212 Evo. How it does with overclocking, I don't know, but with an i5 3550 it reduced my temps down in most games by about 20 degrees, (From 60 in gaming to around 40), and its also quite silent.

    Great cooler.
  7. I was gonna overclock my I5 2500K after i get my cpu cooler so right now i plan to get a good cpu cooler so i could stabilize my system when overclocking. I read through the forum seem everyone was saying 212+ or evo so right now i am confuse is there any better choices? And it need to be able to fit in to my Coolermaster Elite 430 which give me a big headache.
  8. The biggest and most optimal would be the 212 EVO.

    You should be able to hit 4.5ghz easily, most 2500k's can.
  9. There's a turbo edition for evo if im not wrong. So the best choice is 212evo? :o
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