Guys I am going to upgrade my pc and i am going to upgrade to amd fx 6110,8 db of ram an i haven t still chose my gpu.I know there are lots of topics where some say the gtx 560 ti is better or others the radeon 6950 but i know that both are just looking for the one that will have the best resolution(i got a full hd monitor) on most games and the one that will play most games of this and the upcoming year on ultra and the even more far future games at least on high.I think i might buy the radeon hd6950 because i think that both are almost the same but the radeon has 2 gb so it may be better and last longer.Eitherwise im going for the bf3 edition.Please let me know wichi one should i choose.Thnx 4 reading.
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  1. 6950 is faster, if you can, maybe you can go with the 7850. Also, I don't like the processor, choose something else please?
  2. The 1GB 6950 is faster than the 2GB. A HD6950 doesn't have enough juice to even use 2GB or ram unless your running some extreme resolution with multiple monitors.

    HD7850 replaced 6950.

    FX61XX is a terrible choice for a gaming cpu. It performs the same as a FX41XX, very poor. A dual core i3 will spank it all day long.

    Also keep in mind a GTX560 or 560SE is not the same as a GTX560ti.
  3. 7850>6950
  4. The OP mentioned GTX 560ti in his post.
    HD 6950 is a bit faster than GTX 560ti, anyway both cards are great for gaming @1080P you won't feel much difference if you get any.
    HD7850 replaced 6950.

    Well, the chart will do the talk

    The idea of grabbing HD 7850 is very good specially the price is very close between it and the GTX 560ti.
    For the CPU, I'd highly recommend Phenom II X4 980/975 BE these CPUs are the best for gaming in all AMD CPUs.
  5. His title says GTX560....making sure he knows there is 3 different GTX560's.
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