Case advice help.

Hi Guys i'm looking for a white case that has really good dust filter and good air flow for under 200$ what would ya recommend me.

This is the case i have atm
but it has crappy dust filter it dosn't even have filters on the side or back fans my gpu and cpu cooler is always fill with dust

so i'm looking for a case under 200$ prefer if its white or something that looks nice and clean and a full tower something big and has really good airflow and will fit a h100i cooler Thanks.

spec i5 2500k
z68 extreme 4 gen 3
tx650w cosair psu
evo 212 getting a h100/h80/h100i/h80i not sure atm
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  1. Thanks Manofchalk i will see them tomorrow 4am time to sleep a bit be for work -_-
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