Which power supply?


I just bought the "ZOTAC GeForce GTX 550 Ti AMP! Edition". Its product page is


The package includes a DC power cable which connects between the card and the system power supply unit.
The cable is a "Dual MOLEX-to-6-pin PCIe power cable". It looks like this (random google image):


Now the thing is I'm lacking the dual 6 pin thingy on my power supply... so obviously I'll have to buy a new power supply but I'm not sure what's important and it shouldn't be too expensive (should be less than 100€).

I need a power supply with 400-500 watts (must be AT VERY LEAST 400 watts) that provides my hardware with power. My computer has the following stuff in it:
- AMD Phenom II Quad 955 4x3200 Mhz
- ASUS M4N68T-M LE mainboard
- 8gb of ram (2 x 4096mb)
- 1000gb s-ata hard drive
- 22x LG Dual Layer DVD +/- R/RW DVD burner
- zotac geforce 550 gtx ti amp! edition (my current graphics card is the radeon hd 5450)

My current power supply is: 420W LC power 420H silent deluce atx power supply
It has 420 watts but is lacking plugs as I already mentioned above.

I have already searched for power supplies. What do you think about this one?
It's 50 Euros on amazon but I don't know whether it has the plugs I need.
Or maybe this one for 60 Euros?

I have read on some forum that it should have at least 18 Amperes on the +12V rail but I honestly don't know what all that means I'm a complete noob

I don't know, I don't know...

Can you give me your opinions on this please? I'd greatly appreciate any help!
Also sorry for my poor English - it's not my mother tongue. I tried my best.

Thank you so much
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  1. Thanks a lot for your quick reply.

    When I buy one of those can I supply power for all of my hardware (in the first post)?

    Here's the product description

    Does it have all the plugs I need??

    I can translate that into English if you want
  2. The TX650V2 has 2 PCIe power connectors. Good PSU, built by Seasonic.

    It will power anything except maybe an upper end dual GPU card.

    For 60 euros, this
    would be better than the be Quiet unit.. One PCIe power connector. Also built by Seasonic.
  3. I have decided on buying this power supply:

    Thank you guys so much for your replies and have a nice day!
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