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Hello :)

Recently my BIOS splash screen has been taking ages to load. I disabled the fancy splash screen to get the plain one, and found that it freezes and takes two or so minutes to load the CPU.

Any help would be appreciated :)
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  1. i.e. it takes 2 mins to get to a responsive desktop?

    1st thing try enabeling that fancy splash screen and see if windows loads in the time it used to.

    After you disabled the splash screen have you:-
    -added new hardware?
    -installed new software?
    -made any other BIOS alterations?
    -made any changes to existing software configuration?
    -When "it freezes" what is the last messages displayed on the screen?
  2. ie. it takes two minutes for the os to start loading
    so renable the splash screen and try again?
    this started occuring approximately 1 month after i installed an ssd and reinstalled windows onto that ssd
    no bios alterations have been made apart from disabling the fancy screen
    i cant remeber exactly, and am going to bed now, but it says something like
    .................. i5 2500k
    and freezes on the line about the cpu
  3. The SSD the first boot device? Have you enabled quick boot in BIOS?
  4. I would try resetting the CMOS and then setting boot priorities again
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