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Starange paper on cpu

i received a computer which suffer its CPU high temp
when turning on computer
CPU temp increase gradually from 29 to 65 in 5 minutes
so i opened the CPU heat sink to clean it then replace its cooling paste
so i found piece of papers on the front of CPU
so what that piece of paper utility
did i must remove them or keep them
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  1. That's an awful pic. Can you clear it up so we can see what is going on?
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    I assume that is some sort of label and should be removed to allow for proper bonding of the CPU, thermal compound, and heatsink.
  3. The only thing that should be between the cpu heat spreader and the heat sync and fan is thermal paste, someone forgot to remove the bit of paper on the pre installed thermal square compound.
  4. I am pretty positive thats the bottom of the chip.... and as such the paper is irrelevant. The top would have a heat spreader unless its really really really old
  5. Looking a the pic I got the same idead:it not on the top of the CPU but in the buttom.Probably some plastic paper was there and melted into the cores.I would send the computer back and demand a new CPU.If the plastic really melted into the cihp removing it might damage it.
  6. I couldn't open the OP's linked picture earlier, but can now. That is definitely the bottom of the CPU. If this can't be removed, I would suggest returning the CPU.

    This material could be affecting the on-board temperature sensor and cause other issues as well.
  7. i left the piece of paper on bottom of
    and i changed the heat paste
    so the the temp of CPU decreased from 70 c to 64 c without any load
    so I am asking if i removed this piece of paper could that will affect CPU work
    why they left paper there
    might forget it or what
    because i opened many type of CPU before and this is first time i see paper on bottom of CPU
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