Upgrade gtx460 to 670 need new psu?

Hello guys,

I decided to upgrade my GTX460 SC to a GTX670 (MSI PE or ASUS TOP can't really decide) but someone said i should upgrade my 500 W psu to a 600W.
My knowledge of powersupplies is pretty pathetic so some advice would be welcome.

So i've got a few questions:

Do i really need it?
Can i try it with my current psu(without breaking stuff) if yes: how will i know if its insufficient of not?

These are my current specs:

cooler master eXtreme Power Plus 500W
i5-3570K @3.40 Ghz (Eventually i'm gonna OC this one too if thats relevant)
asus p8z77v-le
2x 4GB 1600 DDR3
1 HDD (dont know the exact specs )
1 DVD drive
Cooler Master Hyper TX3 - 92mm
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  1. If your gonna overclock, I'd suggest you have a 550 or 600 watt Power Supply Minimum.
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