New PC Jig - SSD+HDD Help My Thinking re: data

New system, my second homebuild, has my head spinning re: how to move my data around. I could use some help.

Storage Media

1. SSD (Crucial M4 256GB): Windows 7 and programs for new PC, 82.7 GB used currently
2. HDD (WD Caviar Blue 500GB): Old PC's primary drive, Windows 7 still intact along with old User files and data files. However I started moving things around for use as a data drive for the new computer (i.e. already consolidated iTunes on it, added new folders on the root to Win7 libraries but haven't moved data from Users folder), 372 GB used
3. HDD taken from external enclosure (Seagate Barracuda 250GB but IDE): about half used I think, duplicate data from #2

Where I'm Going

I'd like to keep my old rig and turn it into a HTPC or media server or some such. (It has an e5200 CPU, 4GB RAM, Radeon 4850.) The new PC should have the SSD with a platter HDD purely for data.

I'm thinking what I'll do is reassemble the old PC, which has a PATA/IDE header for #3. I'll format #3, then clone #2 onto it. I guess I'll have to get rid of excess files to do that.

Then I'll take #2, reinstall in the new PC, move the data into more logical locations and delete Windows and Program files. I can't do a full wipe because I don't have a way to transfer the data off and back on to it in my new rig.

Is this crazy?

Alternate plan: I just trade up to a 1 TB HDD, copy the data from #2 onto it, put #2 back in the old rig and chuck #3 since it's old?

If you wonder why I didn't just do that in the first place. Well, I was trying to save money by not buying a new HDD when my current one wasn't filled up yet.

Leaning towards alternate plan at the moment if only because it seems cleaner (and frankly easier). Any clarity appreciated.
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  1. Or, I could just forget about using a 4 year old computer as a HTPC and chuck all my old parts, reusing the Caviar Blue and just deleting what I don't need. Anything I get out of a complete reformat the drive I don't get from this method?
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