AMD A10-5800k vs Intel I5 3570k

I am in the process of a new build and had setteled of the Intel I5 3570k as a CPU. Today, I saw a del from Newegg advertising the AMD A10 5800k for over a hunded dollars less. My question is, Which is the better CPU by pure processing power? I will be putting in a discrete mid-high GPU, so the fact the THe 5800 is a APU is of no use to me. Both processors are quad cores, but the 3570 is colcked at 3.4-3.8 boost while the 5800 is 3.8-4.2. I know that the Intel chips have better architecture, espesially the new ivy bridge series, so will that overshadow the .4Ghz clock improvement?

Both chips are unlocked for overclocking and AMD historically has a better overclocking potential, so maybe that might be the deciding factor.
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  1. If you are planning to buy a mid range GPU then there is no need for the APU, if you put the i5 VS FX 8XXX then there is some room to argue wich one is better but i5 VS A10 there is no room.

    Get the i5 or take a look at the FX procesors
  2. The Intel I5 3570k will run rings around the AMD APU

    Mactronix :)
  3. There's a reason the i5 is twice as expensive. They're not really comparable.
  4. I'd scoured the internet for hours comparing these chips for the answer to this same exact question. It seems to depend on what you're using it for. If you're encoding and whatnot, Intel is far far superior. But as a gamer I got different answers. Even with CPU intensive games, the A10 seemed fairly on par with the i5 with a mere 2-5% difference in lower performance (with a discrete GPU). The only two differences are the obviously the pricing, but also the power consumption. The A10 consumed a whopping 80-90% more power under heavy loads than the i5! So that's also something to think about if it concerns you.
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    In terms of overall CPU processing power, Intel wins. There is simply no contest. Even OC'ed the A10 will still lag behind Intel's i5-3570k at stock speed. Or at best match it (unlikely I think). The A10 does have it's usefulness though.

    The A10 would be great for a low budget gaming rig especially since it is on sale. As long as the graphics card is a Radeon 7670 or slower, then you can gain a small boost in performance with hybrid Crossfire. I'm guessing the performance would be close to a Radeon HD 7750, but that's just a guess. But as you stated, that does not matter for you.
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  7. Go For AMD 5800
    AMD IS Best For Gaming
    Integrated Gfx was awesome i plays almost all games without external gfx
    Intel integrated gfx not support high games u need to buy gfx external its expensive
    i m using AMD and i m happy Go for it..
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