Help me choosing ..

can anyone please help me choosing

PowerColor HD6790 1GB GDDD5 256 bit


PowerColor HD6850 1GB GDDR5 256 bit

ps, is PowerColor HD6790 can support 3 monitor (eyefinity) in one video card ?
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  1. Obviously the 6850 is much better. Yes both support eyefinity, although I'd go with something a bit faster for multiple monitors, depending on what psu and cpu your pairing it with.
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    To be able to help you choose a video card you should list the parts of your computer , cpu , ram , power supply and motherboard. Also what is your budget amount?

    As it stands right now I would go with the 6850 and if it's possable a 6870.
  3. heres my specs

    MOBO - Asus M5A88-V EVO
    CPU - AMD Bulldozer FX-4100 3.6ghz
    PSU - Corsair HX750
    RAM - G.Skill ripjaw x 4gb
    OS - win7 ultimate 64bit
  4. Well the parts are ok now how about a budget amount? You can get a 6870 with those patrs in your computer if you can aford the card.
  5. im in the philippines . i have a budget of 9,000php or (200$ us)
  6. What does the 6870 cost where you live? If it's over the $200 then go for the 6850.
  7. maybe ill go for 6850 it cost $180 . thanks for helping . im going to buy tommorow .. :))
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