Stay with 570SC x2 or upgrade?

So here are my questions/concerns:

1. Should I upgrade my video cards to Kepler? (Note: I have the Super-clocked ED. by EVGA with high-flow brackets and a lifetime warranty) (Kepler doesn't offer lifetime yet)
2. If told to upgrade, do I wait for bigger VRAM models?
3. What about the real Kepler versions that are not K104 later this year?
4. Will my CPU bottleneck 670/680's? Single vs dual? (Note: I only run a single 1080P screen, and I play all types of games.)

Here's my current rig specs:

i7-950 OCed to 3.75GHZ with 1.12v
Corsair H70
Asus Sabertooth X58 motherboard
12 gigs of corsair Dominator 7-8-7-20 ram @1640mhz
Samsung 24X dvd-burner
X2 EVGA 570 SCs with Hi-flow brackets
Creative Fatality pro titanium sound card (PCI express)
OS drive is a 256 Crucial M4
Data drive is a 2TB WD Black (Sata3 model)
Corsair HX1050W PSU
HAF-X case / with megaflow fans.
Monitor is a Panasonic ST30 42 inch 3d plasma
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  1. 1. should you upgrade? are you not getting good fps in your favorite games? Its really up to you...I upgrade when i can't play the newest games on high settings with playable framerates
    2. more vram will benefit if you are running high resolution/multiple monitors
    3. idk
    4. no your cpu is fine, maybe oc more
  2. If you have two 570's in SLI then I would not upgrade unless you just want new cards , the cards that you have are fine and will give you good performance. Because you have the two card setup you are in no need of rushing anything and actually in a good position to sit back and see what else comes out. So that if you just want a new card you do want to make sure that you get the best that is released from the Kepler line. If you look back at the cards that Evga released they ended up coming out with thier "Classified " line and those were a stepup from the other cards. I would defietly wait and see.
  3. So here's the kicker guys, I have 2 friends willing to buy my current videocards. For $250 and $300. If I wait too long, i'll never see that kind of value out of them. They both want them in the next 30 days or so.

    That being said. I'm aware of micreostuttering and have read up on all the articles basically stating that powerful GPU's like 570s and above almost don't have that problem. However I notice something similar to it when playing some games like skyrim or MF3.

    Now, it could be micro-stuttering or just lack of enough VRAM. I play all games at max settings with tweaks and HD packs (when available) (I'm really an open world gamer. MMO's RPG's etc etc.)

    I'm more than willing to wait. I just don't want to loose out on good money for my cards.
  4. hmm sell it to your friend for $300, save up $100 and get the gtx 670 which runs for $400...they say the 670 is 6% slower then the 680 for a 100 dollar difference which is not bad .
  5. If you have the option to sell the two cards and you want the 670's then by all means do it. We are saying that it's not a necessary upgrade but more of a just wanting new cards. There's nothing wrong with that I do it all the time but it's just wanting the new card and not a necessary upgrade. There will be a performance boost from getting two 670's for sure but not as drastic as it would be from going with the next generation. The good thing is that the new 670's are almost as good as the 680's which makes me wonder what Nvidia was thinking.

    If you get a chance read this review and then you will be getting the two 670's today.
  6. What about doing a single card? Would a 680 beat out 2x 570 SC's in sli? Does the SC overclock even help THAT much?
  7. The two 570's in SLI is still a very powerful combination and the difference between that and a 680 is not enough to warret an upgrade unless you just want a new card or you have intentions of adding another 680 later on .
  8. Wish i had stupid friends too : (

    Yes, if they are going to pay you those prices for your cards do it immediately.
  9. stay with your gtx 570 x2 dont look for upgrade right now u will be fine with that cards for one to two more years dont get kepler cards right now your gtx 570 in sli is powerful then that gtx 680 so stay with it and when the next generation of gpu will be releashed/launched such as hd 8xxx or nvidia 7xx then upgrade your gpu it will be the better way to upgrade an gpu.:)
  10. wickedsnow said:
    So here's the kicker guys, I have 2 friends willing to buy my current videocards. For $250 and $300. If I wait too long, i'll never see that kind of value out of them. They both want them in the next 30 days or so.
    I'm more than willing to wait. I just don't want to loose out on good money for my cards.

    For pure performance point of view, I do not see a need for an upgrade. The micro stuttering you see in Skyrim is probably inherent in the game itself & not because of the card because I have it too using 2x6950.

    But those are good price your friends offer for used cards.
  11. OK! I'll keep them!

    I did want the bigger VRAM and have it just run coolers, but if you guys think it's best, then it's best!
  12. Best answer
    The peoblem with doing this in a forum is that we don't really know exactly what you want and what you can aford. We look at a situation and see only the facts and in this case the facts say that two 570's in SLI is a very porweful combination and to go with a 680 or even two 670's wouldn't be a good enough upgrade.
    The thing is that you have someone to buy the two cards or two people to buy one each and with that being the case it doesn't matter whether of not it's a good enough upgrade you acctualy won't be spending a whole lot of money for newly released cards , and who doesn't like new cards. So i'm going to say that there's nothing wrong with going with the sale and getting new cards , it's your money and if you want to do it it's your decision to do so.
    I have two GTX 580's and later on if they come out with a 4gb 680 or a 685 or something along those line then I will be tempted to go with new cards.
  13. inzone,

    I agree with only looking at the facts of this situation. The reality is that computer parts just don't have the best resale value, and I saw an opportunity to make enough money for a 4GB 670 SC version. And money really is not a factor for me, I just like having new stuff all the time. Also, It's very hard for me to recommend components to friends without having actually played/used them myself.

    However, am I happy with my cards? Yes. Is the 6xx series a huge upgrade? Not really. Maybe the 8xx..... Bottom line, i'm not getting rid of my cards.

    Thank you all for taking the time to help me figure this out. Man I love Toms!
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