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Hi !

I,ve got a laptop (gateway nv59) with 4 gig ram, i3-330m and radeon hd5650 gpu. I want to built myself a cheap gaming (civ 5, diablo 3)desktop. Would I notice any difference in performance if I choose to go with an i3 3220 and radeon 7770 in my desktop ?

Thanks !
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  1. The newer desktop i3 would be around 50% faster while the GPU would be more than twice as fast so the difference should be fairly obvious.
  2. The newer Ivy Bridge i3-3220 is not only clocked higher than the 1st gen mobile i3 CPU, but it can also process more instructions every clock cycle which makes the i3-3220 much more powerful.

    Mobile graphic cards are much weaker than the desktop version. The mobile Radeon HD 5650m would probably be equal to a desktop Radeon HD 5550. In any case, the desktop Radeon HD 7770 is a significant increase in performance.
  3. Honestly I doubt you need more than what you have for Diablo 3.It runs smoothly.
    I would still upgrade the desktop to save the laptop lifespan.Gaming in Laptops is quite bad for the machine,components heat up and its hard to get air in to cool it.
  4. What I know is that Civ 5 is laging almost from the start. From what I recall it was a lot more playable couple months back. What could be wrong ? Does format my hdd can resolve this problem ?
  5. You could check your temperatures with HWInfo, maybe your laptop has been invaded by dust bunnies and heatsinks are no longer able to do their job so the CPU/GPU end up overheating and throttling themselves.
  6. OK i've download that, what I should look now ?

    EDIT: it says that my gpu temp in min 61c and max 64c. In fact, allmost all temp are in that range.
  7. Thats not bad... I would get some compressed air and blow out everything. I had a terrible HP that would go 100C+, that lasted me 4 years.
  8. if the framerqte problem is not from overheating, what else could it be ? Does formatting could help? I've never done it since I got this laptop 3 years ago.
  9. A fresh reinstall every now and then can help with removing all the junk some programs might leave behind over time. If you do not mind having to re-install and patch everything, it may be worth trying.

    I would recommend installing on a spare HDD so you can easily restore your current install if the re-install does not yield expected results.
  10. What I,ve done is that i've put all my work files, movies, picture, save games and music on an external hdd. Is it what you meant ?
  11. What I was talking about is swapping your boot drive with a spare/new drive so if something goes wrong, you can simply pop your old boot drive back in and get back to business.
  12. Yes they are updated.

    Invalid, not sure I want to go that way, i'm not very confident in opening my laptop. Could be more damage !
  13. The spare drive install strategy is just my personal preference.

    That way, if I need to do something before I am done installing everything on the new copy, I can switch to the old install and continue the new one later.

    If you install to your only available drive, you have to finish installing all your frequently used stuff before you can go back to normal. It usually takes me a couple of days before I stop running into things I forgot to re-install.
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