Psu watage ???? too much or what?

pcpartpicker says the total wattage is 185 but my psu is 450

I need a person to tell me how much the wattage is and if I need a smaller psu
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  1. You can't have too much power. The system only draws the amount you need. 450w of a branded name may be all you ever need, though some high end video cards require more juice and will specify that in the specifications.
  2. So i can go lower or what ? im trying to keep it cheap
  3. Without a GPU you can drop it even more but future upgrades may be compromised because of lack of power.I'd stay with what you choose or go for a xfx 550w for 9$ more.
  4. thanks
  5. You really don't want a PSU cheaper than that, they'll be rubbish. You can easily add most any GPU to that system no problem.
  6. so my PC i have now (not the one i built my old one) when i record with no mic it makes an awful and loud hissing sound, how do i fix it? it also does it with my mic
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