1400 Build Need Input

Hi fellow biulders,

I'm building a computer from my grandpa. He has 1400$ and wants this computer to last him a long time. Now I'm an experienced builder I just have some questions below.

Most important to least important: Web browsing, movies, light gaming here and there.

Prefer to buy from microcenter.

Processor: Core i5 3570k
Cooler: CM Hyper 212 Evo
SSD: Intel 520 120gb
Graphics Card:
Blu Ray:
Memory: Corsair xms3 8gb 1600mhz
Case: CM Storm Scout:

Q #1: Since we don't plan to overclock is the aftermarket cooler really necessary? I know the IB processors run a little on the hotter side. Will the stock cut it or should we play it safe and get the CM Evo?

Q #2: The mobo and the memory are they compatible in terms of the correct voltage. I don't want to mess around in the voltages, I want to plug it in and have it work.

If you have any input or like to switch out parts please do so. But here are my preferences.

Processor: Strictly Intel.

SSD: Preferably Intel, I like the 520 series it performs really well and has a nice 5 year warranty :)

Graphics Card: AMD/NVIDEA < Nvidea I've never used them, been an ati/amd guy all of my life. As you can see the price of my card listed above, we aren't looking to break the bank with the GC.

And one more thing some of you may think that the parts i picked out are overkill for the needs. It's more of a futureproof idea as my grandpa likes to call it
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  1. for web browsing and light gaming here and there, you can probably go cheaper but i decided to amp up some parts that make the computer more suitable for media use
  2. You can save a lot of $ by only buying the CPU and motherboard from microcenter. Everything else is too expensive at MC after tax.
  3. Yeah I know but he wants to buy from there only.

    Also if just the OS is going on the SSD and 2 games such as sc2 and diablo 3, isn't that overkill?
  4. Yeah, for two games and a 20GB OS, a 64GB SSD is just fine. Btw, he can spend 1/2 that budget and max out those games.
  5. i never saw the use of a 64gb SSD when you can add 20 bucks and get almost double the storage. if you cant afford a SSD, you can always pick up a cheap 30gb SSD and use it as a cache for the hard drive using intel SRT
  6. 64GB SSDs can also be used for Cache, and with Intel SRT, the extra GB can be used to store the OS.
  7. i know it can be used for a cache but it isnt worth it when the 30gb SSD can be about as fast
  8. Cache won't get you the benefit of load times, which is why he chose a 64GB SSD.
  9. ok then :)
  10. Ok so enough about the SSD, what about the memory and the mobo voltages will they work together? And is the CM hyper 212 evo good if there's no overclocking and light gaming ( like once or twice a week for an hour or less)
  11. for mine yes for yours no. 1.65v is out of intel's recommendation of 1.5v ram. 1.65v will overtime damage the memory controller.

    hyper 212 is great for anything
  12. I'm just having trouble finding the recommended memory voltage for that mobo that's all. Will the stock cooler do the job for his needs? Or just play it safe an get the hyper 212?
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    gskill ripjaws (with or without x), mushkin blackline (the newer sets), crucial ballistix sport, corsair vengeance. they all sell memory at 1.5v or less

    no need for hyper 212. but if you want things to run a little cooler and make the components last a little longer, get it
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