Black screen with mouse curser

Any one experienced a problem with Acronis 2010.
Didn't had time to look in to it, hope you guys can save me some time.
I used the Acronis 2010 System Cleanup for the first time. My windows 7 stopped responding, and I had to do hard reset.
After reset windows boots as far as black screen with mouse curser.
I can move the mouse and Caps Lock respond, but that about it.
Same in safe mode.
Had no luck with Sys Restore, Boot recovery, Chkdsk didn't find any problems.
Ram Fine, swapped dims, memtest pass.
Didn't had time to do more.
System Info
Windows 7 x64 Enterprise.
UD5, I7 920, 12GB RAM, 260gtx
x2 750 in Raid 0
x4 1TB blacks in Raid 5
I have 4 days old system image, but I like to know what went wrong.
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  1. looks like somthing from your startup was removed for it to hang, does it startup fine in safemode?

    If so i would say there is something missing from the startup processes for booting normally
  2. naa that the first thing i did....
  3. Never mind....i had no time for this, so i moved the profile to other location, and recovered the Windows form my last backup.
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