GTX680 with other cards?

I managed to get a GTX680 on release day, and have it running fine in my system right now, but I ran into a little issue. I have dual monitors (a 20" left side for running gadgets and monitoring tools and a 24" main) running from the same card. I wanted to run the 20" side monitor from a separate card, so I tried putting in a G210 from my old server in the bottom slot from the NF200 chip on my Maximus IV Etreme-Z. (The top x8 slot is taken by a raid controller.) However, when I did that, it messed up the driver situation and wouldn't allow the GTX680 to work in anything but standard VGA mode. Reinstalling the drivers did nothing. Rearranging it (put the G210 on one slot from the NF200 and put the GTX680 on the x8 slot from the CPU) did nothing.

Has anyone else had this issue? Anyone know a way around it?
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  1. Just curious why you wanted to run it from a separate card... The 680 has more than enough power to run both displays.
  2. The GTX 680 is capable of running four monitors on the single card there is no need to put another card. What possable reason would you want to run the 20" monitor from another card?
    I have a 30" HP running at 2560x1600 and a 27" LG running at 1920x1080 off a single GTX 580. I have two other 580's but at this moment I'm testing the one card for a reason and that's the setup right now. So you do not need the 210 card in the computer to mess things up , the 680 can handle both monitors.
  3. I'm running both from the 680 right now, but I know it's sapping my performance a little. Granted, not that much, but under Windows 7, it still takes a bit of the horsepower to run it.
  4. You could always use onboard if your that worried in unison with the nvidia card.
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