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Cases with Hard Drive Dock

I'm looking for a case under $100 with a hard drive dock or hot swap bay in it because I backup files from old Hard drives and its annoying to set the cables and all that.

I've seen the Bitfenix Ghost:
And the NZXT H2:

Both cases are great, and they have a hidden hard drive dock and look great, but the nzxt h2 looks interesting.
The problem with the NZXT H2 is some reviews in newegg or amazon, people say that the case is not that great, has minor flaws like the Hard drive cage is in a wrong position, and the quality is not that great.
But still I only have 1 storage Hard Drive, so the remaining HDD cages can be removed to improve airflow,the hot swap bay is very handy, and the front door covers the fans and 5.25 inch bays (I don't like to see those 5.25 bays).

What do you guys think, suggestions another case with a hot swap bay that I've missed?
Thanks for your time :D
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  2. Thanks for the suggestions C12.
    Is the NZXT H2 a good case? Anyone has it ?
  3. Got these two vid reviews you can watch - didn't watch them personally but I suspect the video quality is decent - I've seen other reviews by each of these
    hope it helps you some
  4. Pick a case you love based on other considerations.

    You can always add a mobile dock like this if you have an available front drive bay
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