Blue screened after installing hd6870

I current have
Biostar tp67b+ motherboard
16g g.skill ddr3 memory
600w psu
Windows 7 ultimate

I was using an old ati card from 2005 512mb DDR pci-e

I just purchased the Asus 6870hd directCU.

I installsd the card finally got the display to work, and installed the drivers from the CD that came in the box. After doing that it prompted me to restart the system.

After rebooting my system has slowed dramatically. One I get past the windows log in and the desktop starts to load I get a blue screen telling me somthing about the display drivers, Nd that it is dumping physical memory.

Any ideas on how I should fix this problem?

(System works fine in safe mode)
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  1. Uninstall all ATi related drivers in safe mode. Reboot into normal mode and re-install the drivers.
  2. alright,ill try that tonight. I had a feeling it was the drivers. Ive never had a simple gpu upgrade cause me this much of a head ach...
  3. It sounds like something happened to the drivers when you first rebooted and they didn't install correctly. When I was using my GTX 460s every few months I'd get a driver error like that and have to re-install them. Hopefully this will fix your problems too.
  4. Havnt tried it yet. Im still at worm. But any idea as to why the drivers would be bugging out like that?
  5. DaveP90 said:
    Havnt tried it yet. Im still at worm. But any idea as to why the drivers would be bugging out like that?

    Well, it could be anything.

    Its always best to close the programs, including browsers.

    Do not install while encoding videos : )
  6. Also, do not install over the old driver.

    Remove it with ->

    Remove every part of a program completely. And than install again.
    U can use Your Uninstaller! or Revo Uninstaller. The Windows uninstaller will not remove everything.
  7. Sorry for a stupid question, but did you connect 2-6 pin power connectors from your power supply to your graphics card? It won't work without them connected.

    Like this (pic from my pc):
  8. Alright. Problem solved. I did a system restore, booted in safe mode with networking, went to the asus website and downloaded the newest driver. restarted and POW! I believe the drivers on the cd they provided me were bunk.

    Thanks for all the input guys. This was starting to frustrate me
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    Good for u DaveP90 : )
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