My first time building a computer, which CPU?

I have all my parts ready and the only think i'm deciding now is whether to get the AMD FX-6100 or 6300.

Currently on Newegg the 6100 is $105 with a coupon and the 6300 is $140, i've been waiting for a discount but this deal seems really good so should I buy the 6100 or wait until the 6300 has a deal. I already bought an AM3+ Motherboard so i'm se ton buying an FX processor, don't suggest an intel cpu thanks. :)

Also from some benchmarks I see that when playing games, FPS changes by only 1-5 FPS between the CPU's.
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  1. I guess with a price difference that big the 6300 isn't worth it.
  2. I've heard that the stock fan is really loud for the 6100 and that's what deterring me+ lower clock speeds, would it be wise to wait for the 6300 to get on a deal since we're close to Black Friday and the Vishera CPU's come with better, quieter stock fan?
  3. The Vishera is a much better CPU, too.
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