My pc is newly upgrade. Is my system good?

Hey guys i have newly upgrade my pc heres the specs

i5 2500k
G.Skill 1600mhz 4gb
Asrock z68 pro3 gen3
EVGA GTS 450 ddr5
FSP HEXA 500watts 80+ efficiency
1366 by 768 Screen

PS: The gpu and Psu comes from my old pc and im still using it cause im on tight budget thats why. But if i have again money i will upgrade my videocard.

My question is. Is my system good? Any comments and suggestion?

By the way games i want to play on High settings : GTA IV,CRYSIS 1$2,BF3,PROTOTYPE,BLACK OPS,JUST CAUSE 2,DEADSPACE 2
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  1. Its good, even at that resolution you would benefit from a GPU upgrade, as you already know. I'd upgrade the PSU and GPU as your next upgrade, followed by the monitor.
  2. Yeah, and get at least a 560ti. Anything less probably won't be able to utilize all the POWA that the 2500k has.
  3. Thanks
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